REWORD!!!!!Daily Yoga practices, release work and restorative cleansing protocols for rejuvenation and health.

Over the 8 week period you will:

  • Mondays- Receive a weekly educational video (via email) about the fascia lines we will be covering and what they affect.
  • Wed 9:00 - 10:30 am PCT, Attend the live 90 minute zoom training covering the various routines affecting that line of fascia in your body. (replay link included)
  • Friday - receive a weekly email with a short lesson covering basic alignment and movements/exercises utilizing the fascia lines released in the live class.
  • Use the included workbook to take notes and make observations for your personal reference and future applications.
  • Attend 2 live Q and A sessions Friday to ask questions and gain insights on applications.
  • A detailed exploration of the feet and a variety of techniques to release and help restructure the feet.
  • Apply a variety of techniques to unstick and rehydrate deep and surface muscle tension and tightness.
  • Explore the emotional side of these physical patterns.
  • All recordings will be available as replay links as well and will be available for 3 months after the end of the course.
  • Gain an in depth perspective of how to use Fascia release to support your ongoing health and wellbeing.

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“I thoroughly enjoyed Niedra’s Fascia Release course. It was meticulously put together and excellently delivered with great attention to details. Niedra is an exceptional teacher, experienced, knowledgeable, very articulated, and passionate about her work, which came across throughout all sessions.

She guided us in release in our bodies with care, describing each movement clearly and fluently, the cues she gave were spot on. It was very easy to follow her instruction and to feel how the body is responding to this work. I was amazed how my body felt after each session: more open, relaxed, lengthened. 

She also created a safe atmosphere for all of us with her warm personality and kindness. I look forward to other courses or workshops she will create in the future. I enjoyed the experience and will whole-heartily recommend Niedra’s course.”

"I was amazed how my body felt after each session."

I’ve been practicing Yoga and Pilates regularly for over 20 years.

I have had the opportunity to practice several times a week with Niedra online via zoom. It amazes me that these consistent practices – yoga, Pilates and fascia release classes, over the past 20 months are producing continuous improvements in my body. The stresses and strains which have accumulated in my muscles are gradually reducing and my flexibility increasing thanks to Niedra’s expertise and her unique skill to deliver a high level of instruction. Even my Osteopath has noticed the difference.

Her in-depth anatomy & physiology knowledge is exceptional. Every class, be it yoga, Pilates or fascia release, brings tangible benefits and a delivers a “feel good” factor. Suitable for all level of fitness, classes are fun and very therapeutic to mind, body and soul.

I am very privileged to have the opportunity to practice with Niedra - thanks to the wonders of zoom. 

"Classes are fun and very therapeutic to mind, body and soul"

I am still in absolute shock and awe as to what happened after our amazing session. My hip is still pain free! My back pain is now only in intermittent bursts at certain times. Oddly, my right foot flattened on the top where it had previously been pulling and holding everything.

Your amazing approach has provided the most relief in the last 2 years, and my body has seemed to start to unravel the pieces that have been stuck and holding me in dysfunctional patterns of movement. 

"Your amazing approach has provided the most
relief in the last 2 years."


If you're unable to get the balls I suggest above, other options I recommend (but not necessary for the course) are Yoga Tune up balls, tennis balls, Franklin balls. All these variations are available on the internet

Online Course - Live via Zoom



You will need a variety of fascia release balls to use in applying the techniques in this course. If you don't have them yet, you can purchase them here:

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