I’m a seeker.

I search out possibilities when "normal" does not work.

I take the road less traveled.

Hi! I'm Niedra Gabriel

I'm a lifetime student of movement within the body.

I started with a passion and dream to be a ballet dancer and went on to become a yoga and Pilates teacher while studying support modalities that enhance physical & mental wellbeing.

Now in my 60’s I have been teaching for over 40 years.

I practice what I preach.

My life’s mission is to help women stretch their edge. I hold the vision that they are capable of far more than the status quo, we just need to figure out how.

Many of the women I work with have a secret yearning to step into something new, a new version of what they do now, a new career, or become more connected to their inner true self.

Most of my clients are 40 + women who question how to solve technical workout challenges, pain, and stiffness.

I also serve as a consultant to other teachers with client and business questions, supporting them in enhancing their teaching skills. 

A Bit About Me

Some of my favorite books are
The Anastasia Series by
the Ringing Cedars of Russia
The Carlos Castaneda series 

I practice what I preach. My litmus test before I teach “does this give results? Would I do this?”
Why would anyone want to apply something if I don't myself?

I inwardly cringe when I’m asked “what do I do”? I don’t like titles or boxes.

I idolize Cirque Du Soleil! An incredible expression of human talent and art.

I love to sing & dance in the kitchen when I cook. 

I live in Ojai CA with my four legged family, Wally my dog, Tinkerbell & Twilight, my 2 cats .







Some "Fun Facts"

Discovering what change we can make internally opens us to limitless possibilities.

Life is always happening for us, especially when it does not appear to be so

Our greatest growth comes out of challenges.

Each person is a unique expression of the totality of life, wanting to manifest what is inside.

I Believe...



1972 Studied and worked for with Alan Herdman, London
1994 Certified by Romana Krazanowska
1995 - 2002 Studio owner ( Los Angeles)
2002 - Teacher trainer Power Pilates
2002 - 2004 West Coast Director Power Pilates
2010 - current Teacher Trainer Mind2Body Los Angeles
Studied with B.K.S Iyengar ( India ) 1975, 1977,1979
Certified City Yoga ( Anusara) 2002
Certified Kundalini Yoga 2003
Additional studies with multiple teachers and styles

2000 Yamuna Body Rolling
FST level 1 body work practitioner 


ES 2000
Eutaptics/FasterEFT level 4 Practitioner