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I work in Southern California as a Master Teacher Trainer, currently helping Mind2Body studio develop their online mat and comprehensive teacher certifications. 
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Teacher Training programs

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Join me for one of my many retreats or workshops offered in Europe, Asia, and Latin/South America where I incorporate movement techniques such as Yoga, Pilates, and Natural Movement with highly effective personal growth and wellness practices ranging from nutrition and detoxification to mindfulness, meditation and breathwork.

Destination retreats

I have been teaching Yoga and Pilates for over 40 years as a base for establishing physical health and wellbeing. I offer:

  • Private instruction online via zoom.
  • Live private sessions every Thursday at Second Story Pilates in Agoura Hills CA
  • Master classes and workshops in Yoga, Pilates & fascia release at various studios in Southern California and online

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Private Lessons: Yoga + pilates + Fascia Release

My life’s mission is to help women stretch their edge. When I work with clients I hold the vision that they are capable of far more than the status quo, we just need to figure out how.

Most of my clients are 40 + women who question how to solve technical workout challenges, pain, and stiffness, or as teachers themselves, client problems, etc.
Many of the women I work with have a secret dream to step into something new, perhaps a new version of what they do now, a new career, or becoming more connected to their inner true self.

Move With Me

We always start with a conversation about your aspirations and what you have found challenging on your journey. This is essential so I can connect with your vision and needs for your state of well-being, progress, and physical mastery.

When we begin your training, I approach the process as an exploration for the gold within your potential.

Every movement has the potential of uncovering both limitations and freedom, and the class progresses with the intent of refining your relationship and skill of navigation within your own body.

A session is interactive: I will cue very specifically and observe what is happening in your body. I will ask you questions throughout your workout, (especially on zoom) to ascertain what your experience in your body is. In a live session, I often use my hands to help you discover where you could be “potentiating”.

Whether we work together online or in person, your “journey” is the motivation for the work we do together.

What it's Like to
Work With Me

Health and wellbeing are the foundation for living well. They are based on exercise and physiology, diet and emotional/mental health. I am a health advocate, I love moving my body and discovering myself though motion.