Daily Yoga practices, Powerful recharging brEath work, Fascia release routines and cleansing protocols for rejuvenation and health.

Your 7 night accommodation at Urania Luxury Villas includes:

  • Full accommodation in a shared or private room in a luxury villa.
  • Daily yoga practices, morning and evening (varied styles and approaches)
  • Brunch and dinner every day. 
  • All level practice that establish fundamentals for all ages.
  • Arrival and departure days include one yoga class.
  • Joint mobility release work.
  • Breath and meditation practices.
  • excursion trip included 
  • Educational health talks.
  • DOWN TIME: walk to the beach, swim in your own private pool , take time for just being.
  • Optional services (additional fee): massage, private sessions, Take a trip to Vassiliki ( nearby town) for shopping and exporation.

Urania Luxury villas in Lefkada

  • Experience a place of absolute harmony and relaxation. Built following a dream to enjoy nature’s silence – Urania villas sit softly within the green mountains; viewing the endless heaven.
  • The studio speaks for itself https://uraniavillas.gr/greece-yoga-retreats-lefkada/
  • The tranquil setting of the place, has made Urania Villas a distinguished destination for yoga. pilates and other retreats. With a history of at least 50 retreats over the 9 past years, they continue to try to make their spiritual family bigger every year.  
  • The villas are made for peace seekers. Each carefully positioned villa has its own pool and sufficient distance to ensure privacy. Every single room and exterior space has stunning blue views.
  • You will dine on Mediterranean cuisine combined with modern flavors. From the simplest of dishes, like Tzatziki up to the most advanced such as vegan Greek Moussaka, traditional lentil soup with coconut oil, you will enjoy healthy local ingredients, cooked with love. 
  • Urania villas have the beautiful village Vassiliki, the famous Porto Katsiki, the Lighthouse and other great attractions within a 5-15 minute driving distance.

October 15-22, 2023 at Urania Luxury Villas, Lefkada, Greece

Reclaim Your Joy

Private room
$2487 USD

Shared room
$1897 USD



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