Daily Yoga practices, release work and restorative cleansing protocols for rejuvenation and health.

Your 7 night accommodation at Okreblue includes:

  • Full accommodation in a shared or private room.
  • Daily yoga practices, morning and evening (varied styles and approaches)
  • Brunch and dinner every day. Plant-based, Ayurvedic, Indian and Greek inspired cuisine.
  • All level practice as basics are fundamental to any practice.
  • Arrival and departure days include one yoga class.
  • Joint mobility release work.
  • Breath and meditation practices.
  • Walk to the beach for swimming.
  • Educational health talks.
  • DOWN TIME: explore the grounds, take time for just being, integrating
  • Optional services (additional fee): massage, private sessions, or trips to the nearby town which has shops and restaurants.

LOCATION - Okreblue eco yoga retreat

Okreblue sits on the relatively untouched seaside of Santa Maria on the tranquil peninsular of Paros Island, Greece. The surrounding Elements, especially the Earth and Water, are the soul of Okreblue. The closeness to nature in its rawness and purity creates deeply nourishing conditions for your healing, rejuvenation and self reflection during your retreat.

  • Accommodation at Okreblue is Inspired by the elements and the muses of Greek Mythology, the rooms are open, naturally lit and purposefully minimal to simplify your experience on retreat. Most of the rooms face the seaside and are a stone‚Äôs throw away from Filizi beach, with unencumbered access to the velvet waters of the Aegean Sea. Perfect for a sunrise dip! 
  • Enjoy delicious plant based cuisine based on ancient Ayurvedic principles, emphasizing wellbeing, balance and bliss in the body.
  • Our daily classes will be in one of the two fully equipped yoga studios 
  • Find out more about the location at Okreblue.com

Learn more on their website: https://okreblue.com

October 2-9, 2022, Paros, Greece

Reclaim Your Joy

Private room
$2197 USD

Shared room
$1897 USD

You have the option of either a shared or private room.


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